Basic Facts of Shandong
Located on the East coast of China, Shandong province has been ranking 3rd in GDP among all the domestic provinces with a population of over 100 million.  

The GDP of Shandong reached 7.27 trillion CNY (10,790 USD per capita) in 2017, marking a 7.4% year on year growth.

Shandong, as one of the origins of ancient Chinese civilization with profound history, is the hometown of Confucius and birthland of his originative ideas—the Confucianism.

Shandong is also gifted with abundant natural resources including a vast number of mountains, rivers, lakes and forests, among which Mount Tai is blessed with the reputation of “World’s First Mountain”.

The Major Project of New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion

In January 2018, Chinese government approved the General Scheme of National Comprehensive Test Area for New and Old Kinetic Energy Conversion and provided a series of supportive policies, which endowed Shandong with great opportunities for economic development.

In the coming years, Shandong will vigorously develop new technology, new industry, new commercial activities and new mode by focusing on the ten key industries: ICT, high-end equipment, new energy and new material, modern ocean, life science, high-end chemical industry, modern agriculture, cultural creativity, supreme tourism and modern financial service.
Shandong boosts huge market potential in the above fields and will provide wide space to excellent foreign companies in cooperating with Shandong as well as bright future to the involved brilliant talents.  

Shandong-Israel Cooperation

Israel is one of the leading innovative countries in the world in the fields of Life Sciences, AI, ICT, intelligent manufacturing, clean energy, modern agriculture and more.

Shandong’s unique advantages lie in its reasonable industry structure, comprehensive industry category, large population and huge market size. Israel and Shandong are economically complementary and coordinative, which will result in solid foundation and enormous potential for bilateral cooperation.

By hosting the 2019 GoforIsrael China-Israel Investment Conference, we are expecting to further explore Israel’s outstanding innovation power, seeking ways to localize Israeli advanced technologies, and make more achievements that will mutually benefit both countries.

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